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You need german TV, while staying in the US…no problem

2. Oktober 2010

After 12-14 hours of work I really like to cool down while watching TV. If you ever stayed in the US before, you might know that the „free“ TV is just „bullshit“. I mean news channels are ok, but all other good stuff like Discovery channel, History channel and all these kind of TV is usually not free and in most hotels you have to pay for it. Besides this you will never get an German channel in your hotel (i just saw it once in the past on my trips to the US that a Hotel had a German TV channel). So what are the alternatives? Well, of course you can get streams over the Internet from German TV channels (most if the time news and reports). You might download some broadcasts out of the archive of some channels, but thats it.

After googling around some minutes I found a good service called „Online TV“. This is an excellent service if you would like to record a program or an TV show just from time to time. If you just need this on travel, you will be fine with using the free account. makes most of the money with adverticements – so dont panic if you see a lot of banners.

Using onlinetvrecording is easy: just navigate through the channel/program list and select your broadcast – thats it. OTR will capture your broadcast and send you an email if the file is available for download. After this just login and download the file, you need than to decode the file with a small software tool (for free).

Test it out!

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