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Once again in the US

29. September 2010

Sometimes my job has some nice benefits like traveling around the world. For me it was time again to go to the US, exactly to Milpitas in California. My company is consolidating their headquarters (remeber: Globalfoundries and Chartered merged several months ago) and now its time for me to finish up all LAN/WAN/WLAN stuff here in Milpitas and make the network ready to go for the big move in beginning October. I good sideeffect is that the wheather here in CA really nice in this time  – around 28-30 ° Cel is not that bad after days and days of rain.

So about 2 weeks full of work is in front of me – but i like it and it will also be a good opportunity to get face to face in touch with my US folks.

I stil hope I have also some time to go shopping… :-)

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