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Book review „Der Crash kommt“ see last article

22. Januar 2009

I finished reading „Der Crash kommt“ these days. My personal opinion about the book is double-edged. The first part of the book is an analysis of reasons and sources of the current financial crisis. The author provides a lot of background information and understands to explain why we are in this situation now. Max Otte also compares this crisis with others in the past like the Japanese economical crisis or the oil crisis. Finally its quite good understandable and easy to read.

The second part „how to prepare and survive for the upcoming crisis“ is not what I expected. Who ever expects the „final solution“ or the best recipie survive the coming „bad years“ will be disappointed. The main message of the second part is: invest into gold or silver, high quality shares or bonds (not EURO, DOLLAR or YEN based)  and create/free up as much as possible cash. He recommends a nest egg of 100.000 Euros as minimum and 300.000 Euros to survive the crisis without any problems. My question is: Who the hell can free up this amount of money so fast? I think a normal population will never be able to reach such a number.

Final rating for this book: 2/5 stars

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