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30. Juli 2008

The first week of my parential leave is already over. Man, how the time goes by that fast! Its real fun to stay with my son the whole day and even better if the wheather is that nice as it is now here in Germany. The last days it was always above 32 degrees celsius and we enjoyed swimming or trips through the woods. Luciano is learing every day new stuff. The much important training exercise every day is: try to stand up (and fall down, if its not working :-) and he trys to tell „stories“ like blabla hacha brabel brabel…

And during the late night hours: I can’t stop doing IT stuff. My second project „die-infoseiten.de“ will move from a small webhosting package to a new dedicated server to push the application performance and database transaction speed. This migration with all the php/perl and cgi scripts and dynamic web applications running at this web portal is very time consuming.  Also more than 5 database must be migrated, before the domains move to the new server. Its really not FUN. Almost every application has its own issues with the new server. The most common issues are: different php/perl versions, different web server configuration settings and last but not least the database server version of mysql server is different at the new server. Therefore also default settings at the database server are different and some applications getting issues with this.

BUT: At the new dedicated server the web server and the database server runs at the same powerfull machine and this pushed the speed of our web applications approximatly 10 times. 10 times faster response from web applications. Our customers tested the new server upfront and they are happy now and we are too.

I hope end of week we moved all applications to the new server and the domains die-infoseiten.de and kaufkultur.de will than point to the new server machine.

Will see… have still some scripts to modify

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