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Richard Feynman the nobel priced physicist – a BBC interview from 1980s

10. März 2012

While doing some paper work at home I ususally google/youtube around for interesting videos. very often I end up in a long night video session about astronomy, physics or other science stuff. Last time it was videos from the AT&T and Bell Labs archive. And today I found a very interesting BBC interview with the physics Richard Feynman. Richard Feynman got the Nobel price for working out stuff on quantum electrical effects. Anyway, Richard talks about this childhood, education and his science career in physics. Just watch this and get some inspiration how to see thing maybe differently and how you probably can open the eyes of your little ones for the facinating nature/world we living in… 


In addition to this I can recommend also the german book „Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman!‘. Abenteuer eines neugierigen Physikers.“ This was actually the trigger to look for some stuff at youtube about Feynman.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.de/belieben-scherzen-Abenteuer-neugierigen-Physikers/dp/3492213472

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