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Turbo charger broken

7. April 2011

Yesterday was a really bad day, my car repair station notified my that the turbo charger of my Peugeot 807 mini van is broken and a repair will be approx 2500 EUR. Damn it! right now is the worst case what can happen. I need the car for my house construction which is ongoing and will be finished in July this year and without a car its impossible to do all the transportation.

I just wondering how a turbo charger can breal after 70000km. Must be a „Monday car“ we say in German, which means a car with some build in defects, because it was just manufactured on a Monday morning.

Well, used parts does not really make sense. it will save 200-300 EUR, but it make break again. So I called the repair station right some minutes ago to get them started with the repair.

I hope the rest of this week will turn into a better one…

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