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Looking for an free X server for Windows

27. Oktober 2008

This is only a quick post out of the category: „Software I would recommend“. If you are looking for an X server for Windows (yes there are people using unix systems from an windows host ;-) ) I would recommend a program called Xming. This small Windows XServer is freeware. Its available for download at Sourceforge at
Usually there are four reasons why I recommend this piece of software:

– It’s free! (but if you like you can also buy a different commercial  x server)
– Its portable. you can install it to your USB stick and  you will get an Xserver „to go“
– It works! And the installation is straight forward
– It integrates with putty portable. If you like, it installs also the putty portable edition. Putty is an very good telnet, ssh client software.

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