Cuba is getting fast Internet access bypassing USA

17. Juli 2008

Currently the Internet access in Cuba is slow via satelite and only a limited number of people have access. Access is also filtered so that you can only get communistically compatible information ;-)

Fast access would be possible, if Cuba connects to the high speed backbones at USA. The backbones cables are only about 120miles away from the island. But: Because of the Cuba embargo in USA, Cuba can not connect and use the US infrastracture. And now – HERE COMES SUPER CHAVES from Venezuela.

Venezuela plays now the mega provider for Cuba. Chaves, best friend of Cuba’s Castro and Raul, is running a project to put an oversea cable in place between Venezuela and Cube to give them high speed Internet. So the speed will become better, but I still believe that the access will be filtered also. So the users in Cube will only get a „special view“ of the Internet.

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